Medical Transportation

The Added Touches with Medical Transportation
medical transportationThe added touches are truly a pleasure to enjoy for each and every medical ride. A few of these items include the following added touches:
* Discreet and confidential
* Added peace of mind for all involved
* Extra assistance with kindness added
* Friendly conversation with your ride and clear communication
* Quality medical supplies
* More
It is the added touches that make medical transportation worth the ride.

For those in Need
Air medical escort covers a broad range of needs and services. Include the following in the entire mix:
* Chemotherapy
* Rehabilitation
* Transport chair
* Ambulatory surgeries
* Oral surgery
* Doctor appointments
Medical transports serve those who are in need of any type of medical transport services. Do not hesitate to ask for a special request.

Licensed and Insured
Medical transports are licensed and insured in order to maintain a high level of excellence. Professionalism is weaved into the services. Every person in-need of medical transport services can count on receiving superior care from committed professionals.

The Amazing Air Ambulance
Medical transportation includes the amazing air transport. The air ambulance will be a safe medical flight through the sky. The following are included in this type of service:

* Medical flights
* Air ambulance
* Commercial medical escorts
* Medical repatriation

Every flight includes at least a two person crew. This crew consists of at a flight medic and a flight nurse. Highly trained crew members will ensure that all medical needs are taken care of during the entire flight. The idea is to keep patients comfortable as they are on the way to the needed destination. Competent and qualified crew members know how to provide exceptional medical care in the air. A patient with a medical need can count on a safe and comfortable flight. Air medical transportation is safe and it is quick. All needed medical supplies are included. The Air Ambulance can be equipped similar to a hospital ICU. The medical equipment is certified for each flight.

Bedside-to-Bedside Service may be Included
medical transportationBedside-to-bedside service is available for those who need constant care. This is a valuable and useful service. Every patient is a top priority and will have a staff member by their side from start to finish. This service includes a qualified staff to be with a patient for the entire transport. The medical team will pick up a patient from the desired location. The patient will them be accompanied from a ground ambulance and they will stay with them to the airport for the medical flight. The exact same crew will be onboard the aircraft and ensure proper medical care is provided. This is called continuity of care. Bedside-to-bedside services treat each patient with loving care to ensure safety is included for every transport. The team may include the following:

* Experienced critical care nurse
* Qualified flight medics
* Additional care givers

This type of service includes a team of experienced and highly trained professionals. The crew members receive additional safety training and continued education is also included to keep staff up-to-date on the latest medical options and treatments. The same staff members will be accompany a patient right to and from their home. This is helpful because the team will have the needed information and the medical equipment.